We’ve all experienced that 9 PM craving for something sweet that just can’t be ignored. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some sweet treats every now and then, but when these cravings for sugary foods occur on a regular basis, we can fall into a constant cycle of late-night snacking that may affect our weight loss goals. Research has shown that late-night eating is linked to excess intake of empty calories, which makes it tough to move past plateaus and achieve health goals

Chances are that December and January involved family, friends, fun, time-off and relaxation. Christmas time and the festive season is truly an amazing time to get together with the people closest to you and unwind from the year that has just passed. But with the festive season usually comes a bit of over indulgence in food, drink and all things enjoyable. We are all human, everyone tends to go a bit over board during this period. Now that we are into the new year it’s time to get back on the wagon and prioritise your health and fitness.

The festive season isn’t called the Silly Season for nothing. All the good habits we try to maintain for the rest of the year go out the back door for two weeks of glorious overindulgence. Why? Who knows, it’s just always been like that.

Below are my top 8 habits that if followed will change your life, mind and ability to tackle bigger change. It’s important to note, none of these things are expensive, take lots of time or are hard to do. I believe every human regardless of his or her fitness goal should be following these habits daily. I also believe that if these 8 things are done every day as an absolute non-negotiable, it builds a platform from which massive success can be achieved in further, more advanced health and fitness goals. By doing these consistently, not only will you be in physically better shape but also you will be in a superior mindset that will help in every area of your life.

Lacking motivation or need a fresh start? Look no further than these tips to get you back on track at home during COVID19.

Finding your happiness in these times are indeed very tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel especially with cases declining rapidly in Victoria! It’s so important to look after yourself, friends and family. Everyone is doing it tough or knows someone that is. Make sure you check in with not only yourself but others as it can be that one conversation that makes someone’s day or helps them change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

If you’re looking to lose some weight but simply don’t know where to start or have a history of failed diets, this is an essential read. Sam breaks down dieting for fat loss, how you can set up your nutrition and he even shares some great hacks on how to easily cut out excess calories.

In this article, we will cover diet and nutrition basics and provide you with practical tools that you can implement in your day to day life to assist you in managing your body composition. There is no magic, and it will take time, effort and patience.

Movement can help relieve back pain, but only the right kind; avoid workouts that put too much stress and strain on the back. So which exercises should you choose? That partly depends on how intense your pain is, and what causes it.